No 26 Lounge & Co-Working

Conveniently located minutes from East Croydon station and the local destination BOXPARK, No26 forms part of an extensive renaissance of the area. It included the addition of six new storeys to the 1960s office building and a total internal refurbishment.

Native Residential was keen to give No26 its own identity. Working with Liam Russell Architects, and Arcus PCD who were constructing the building, The Vawdrey House drew on the urban feel of the scheme and location, and the mid-century background of the building and site.

As an existing building, it came with constraints of structure and floor-to-ceiling heights. Time was taken to understand the project requirements and find exciting, practical solutions for the interior, including adding a new staircase to the reception, and exposing the services rather than boxing them in as planned. We then developed all the details from layout to fittings, furniture and accessories.

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New staircase to mezzanine

Native management office

Lounge areas & dining

Co-working & library

Flexible events space


320 sq m


Interior design

Furniture & accessories

'The building has exceeded all Native Residential's letting targets and was at almost full occupancy within the first months of release.'

From the moment residents enter the light-filled atrium, they are greeted with a warm, eclectic environment. The colour palette and use of exposed structure and services combine to create a contemporary, urban space.

Although the space is quite raw in places, the sensitive use of pattern and decorative elements, such as pendant lighting, tiles, wallpaper and artwork, ensure that the atmosphere is always welcoming, and never cold.

The key move in the reception and atrium was punching through a new staircase from ground floor to the mezzanine above. This takes the form of an industrial treadplate spiral wrapped in expanded mesh.

Now residents can walk straight up to the lounge and co-working spaces without using the lifts, making the space more homely and connected.

These communal spaces on the ground and first floor create multiple meeting, lounging and working spaces for residents, and marry a number of styles, ensuring there is something for everyone.

The concierge desk has a hint of ‘Victorian tube station’ with glossy green embossed tiling set against a backdrop of black-stained plywood and exposed concrete from the original 60’s building.

The mezzanine lounge features a bio-ethanol fireplace and library, with a back drop of William Morris wallpaper.

Even the post boxes have been customised as galvanised lockers and the flooring features tessellating rhomboid tiles which lead from the doors to the lifts or stairs.

In the co-working lounge, luxurious soft seating, bench desking and individual work pods offer an opportunity to combine work-life balance with urban living, whether tenants are commuting or working from home.

The building has exceeded all Native Residential's letting targets and was at almost full occupancy within the first months of release.

'The Vawdrey House has been crucial in helping us to design a building that encourages residents to socialise, but also allows them the freedom to feel at home.'

Photography by
James Bedford